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The phenomenal Celtic Woman, about to embark on yet another world tour, is this year celebrating 12 years of success, with over 10 million albums and 3 million tickets sold worldwide.
One winter’s night in Dublin, Ireland in 2004, an idea was conceived to create a musical ensemble featuring a selection of exceptional classically and traditionally trained Irish female musicians.

Celtic Woman has undertaken a number of world tours, largely across the U.S. and Europe, and has toured Australia, China, Japan, South Africa, and many other places. They have played for three different US Presidents (Clinton, Bush & Obama), as well as a special performance at the Pentagon in Washington.
Cumulatively, Celtic Woman has sold over 10 million albums & DVDs worldwide, and they have been at the top of the Billboard charts for world music several times.Celtic Woman is a living legend — they draw you into a culture, and share a heritage that is every bit as enchanting as the women themselves.

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