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Tickets Direct FAQ's

General Ticket information

  1. Do I need to be a Costco member to buy tickets on

    Yes, in order to place an order on you must be a Costco member.

  2. Am I allowed to resell my tickets ?

    This program is established as a benefit for Costco members. We have worked with our partners to provide a substantial savings to our members for their entertainment enjoyment. As such, we request that these tickets not be resold. If we suspect that tickets that were purchased at are being resold, we may suspend the member’s account.

  3. What is a Ticketmaster Verified Ticket ?

    Costco Tickets Direct has partnered with Ticketmaster to provide access to primary tickets sourced directly from Ticketmaster venues and associated promoters. Tickets sold with the Ticketmaster Verified logo are 100% verified and guaranteed to get you in, even if the tickets are transferred or resold to you by other fans. Ticketmaster Verified tickets can only be redeemed exclusively through the Ticketmaster website or mobile app. To claim your tickets, you will need to use or create a Ticketmaster account.

  4. I already have an account on, why am I being asked to create a Ticketmaster account on

    In order to provide you the best possible discount, our partnership with Ticketmaster requires you to create an account through them to download the tickets.

  5. What are eTickets?

    eTickets are tickets that are in PDF format and MUST be printed and presented in order to gain entry into the event.

  6. Can someone else use my tickets with my name on them?

    Yes, tickets are transferable therefore, the name on the ticket does not need to match the name of the person using them.

  7. Can I transfer my tickets?

    We do not currently offer the ability to transfer your tickets into another Tickets Direct account, however, you may physically give your tickets to whomever you wish.

  8. It says there are 4 tickets available, so why won't it let me purchase an odd number, such as 1 or 3 tickets?

    Often times the vendor is not willing to split groups of tickets leaving a single behind. However, keep checking the website to see if single or odd number quantities become available. The number of tickets you can buy also may depend on the offer for the event. For example, to create special pricing for Costco customers, some events are only available in for example, pairs of 2.

  9. Can I purchase Event Ticket Protector Insurance

    No, we do not offer event ticket protector insurance at this time.

  10. What happens if my tickets are lost or stolen?

    Losing tickets is identical to losing cash money. They are almost impossible to replace. Please keep your tickets in a safe, dry place. If they are lost or stolen, please contact us immediately and we will do our best to help you any way we can.

  11. Why are my instant or future download tickets paper and why is there another person's name on it?

    These PDF/paper tickets, also known as Instant or Future Download tickets, are the new form of print your own tickets being offered by many venues. These tickets allow for customers to obtain their tickets by downloading them rather than waiting for them to be shipped. These tickets are as valid as traditional hard tickets. The name printed on the ticket belongs to the individual whose credit card was used to purchase the ticket originally, however this does NOT require that individual to be the one using the ticket.

  12. Can I use my mobile phone to scan my ticket at the venue?

    Our website is mobile friendly so you can use any device to place an order on However, Instant and Future Download tickets MUST be printed in advance to gain access to the venue. Only events that offer mobile entry will allow the use of a mobile phone to scan tickets. These events will require customers to download the Ticketmaster app to present their tickets at the venue.

  13. Why does the price on the ticket not match what I paid for them?

    The price on the ticket may be a season seat holder discount or may not include facility fees and service charges. Also, sometimes box office ticket prices fluctuate as the market changes.

  14. Can I buy tickets over the phone?

    Unfortunately Tickets Direct does not take orders over the phone. All orders must be placed online through

  15. What is mobile entry?

    Mobile entry is available for select events and offers the ability to enter an event without the need of a physical ticket. Download the Ticketmaster App from your mobile device and login to your Ticketmaster account to view your mobile entry tickets.

  16. What is credit card entry?

    Credit card entry, also known as paperless tickets, uses the credit card used to place the order as your ticket. Present the credit card along with a photo ID at the venue the night of the event and you will receive seat locator slips for your tickets.

  17. How do I print my Ticketmaster Verified tickets?

    To print your Ticketmaster Verified tickets, you must login to your account and click on Order History. Locate the order and click on the "Claim Your Verified Tickets" button associated with your order. You will then be prompted to login or create a Ticketmaster account to download your tickets.

Payment, Cancellation & Refunds

  1. How do I cancel my order?

    All sales are final.

  2. How do I request a refund?

    Please refer to the Refund and Return Policy Returns/Warranty.

  3. Can I get a refund at a Costco Warehouse?

    No, please contact customer service for more information 855-258-3217

  4. Can I get a refund for tickets if I don't use them?

    No, please contact customer service for more information 855-258-3217

  5. What are the accepted forms of payment?

    Visa, MasterCard, and Discover are the accepted payment methods on

  6. Can I purchase with more than one credit card?

    At this time, you can only use one credit card per order.

  7. Why am I sometimes being asked to log into my credit card account to verify a small random credit card authorization amount?

    We have implemented this process to protect the security of your credit card and Costco membership from fraud. By verifying the small random preauthorization amount, you are helping assure us that you are in fact the owner of the credit card that has been used for the transaction.

Order Confirmations and Ticket Delivery

  1. How do I know my order is confirmed?

    After placing an order online, the customer will receive an email with written documentation of their ticket reservation or request.

  2. What proof of purchase do I get?

    Upon the completion of the order, the customer will receive a receipt via email describing their order and showing method of payment. In addition, the customer information will be stored in our computers to keep record of orders placed.

  3. I placed a web order and wanted to check the status of my order?

    You can check your customer history to view the current status of your order

  4. How do I look up my order?

    Login to your account with your Tickets Direct username and password. Click on Order History for a list of all your current orders.

  5. How do I print my instant or future download tickets?

    If your tickets are Instant or Future Download, go to and click on the |REGISTER| tab on the upper right hand portion of the page. Enter the same information you provided on your order and choose your own password to login.

  6. Once you have successfully logged in, click on the [ORDER HISTORY] link. You will see your order and a red [DOWNLOAD E-TICKETS] link should be next to it. Click on that red link and the tickets will appear in PDF format in Adobe Acrobat. You only need to hit the print button once, and all of the tickets will be printed. It does not matter if they are printed in black/white or color, but the barcode needs to be clear and legible.

  7. How are tickets distributed?

    Unless otherwise specified, tickets will be emailed when ready for download.

  8. Can I change how my tickets are delivered?

    All tickets will be delivered electronically unless otherwise specified.

  9. Can I print more than one copy of my ticket?

    We do not recommend that you print multiple copies for security purposes.

  10. What if I lost the email that had my tickets?

    You can retrieve your tickets by logging onto your Tickets Direct account and clicking on Download in your Order History.

  11. Can I add tickets to an existing order?

    No, if you need additional tickets please place another order on

Account Information

  1. What if I forgot my password?

    Click on the Forgot Password link on the login page to retrieve your password.

  2. How do I change the information in my account?

    Account information can be edited in Account Info when you login to your Tickets Direct account.

Event and Venue

  1. What happens if my tickets don't scan at the event?

    In the unlikely event your tickets do not scan, please contact a Tickets Direct customer service representative immediately at 855-258-3217. Please gather documentation from the venue's box office if tickets scan as invalid at the event. Please ask the Box Office Manager for a scan report or copies of your invalid tickets with a business card of the Box Office Manager.

  2. Can I choose my seat numbers?

    You can choose your section and row, but exact seat numbers are issued based on availability when you place the order.

  3. Are these seats next to each other?

    Unless otherwise noted, seats purchased in sets or groups are always next to each other. Sometimes seats are numbers in an odd or even sequence (ie. 2,4,6 or 1,3,5). In these cases, these seats are still consecutive.

  4. How do I find an event?

    There are multiple ways you can search for an event on our site. You can select a city to find events in your area or click on the category tiles for specific events.

  5. Does my child need a ticket if they are under a certain age?

    Ticket necessity for children's admission varies from venue to venue. The rule of thumb is any child that occupies a seat requires a ticket, however, please contact the venue before placing an order to determine the quantity of tickets to be ordered. In general, for concerts or sporting events the age requirement is anyone over 2 years of age requires a ticket for entry.

  6. How do I know the age limits for the tickets?

    Contact the venue for information regarding age restrictions necessity for children's admission varies from venue to venue. The rule of thumb is any child that occupies a seat requires a ticket, however, please contact the venue before placing an order to determine the quantity of tickets to be ordered. In general, for concerts or sporting events the age requirement is anyone over 2 years of age requires a ticket for entry.

  7. Can I request accessible seating tickets?

    No, please contact the venue directly for ADA seating.

  8. Can I buy tickets for accessible seats if I'm not disabled?

    No, accessible seats are only used for ADA seating.

  9. What time does the event start?

    Your ticket will have the event time printed on the PDF file. If your ticket does not have a time listed (TBA), please contact us for more information.

  10. How long will it take to get to (venue)?

    Depending on the popularity and time of the event we recommend that you utilize Google Maps and to gauge the best commute times.

  11. Where do I park?

    Most venues have designated lots for parking. You can buy a parking pass in advance or when you arrive at the event. Please be aware parking is based on availability.

  12. What are the camera policies for events?

    Please contact the venue directly for information regarding camera policies on your specific event.